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Free Mockup One Cupcake Box Mockup 03

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Download One Cupcake Box Mockup 03 Here

Free One Cupcake Box Mockup 03

This Photoshop mockup with a resolution of 5k+ at 300 DPI you will be able to appreciate a closed cubical box of soft paper with a beautiful circular card where you could drop a beautiful message or include your own brand whose perspective highlights the front view of the box and the label.

The customization of this resource will not be complicated. Just put your design in a 2D template and a Photoshop Action will do the whole process for you, so instead of editing a lot of Objects will be only one. This technique is called Blueprint & Play, which has been proposed by Original Mockups with the unique intention of avoiding efforts, save time and make your work easier.


  • Customizable background by editing a solid color layer
  • Editable boxes windows
  • Editable shadows intensity

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Download One Cupcake Box Mockup 03 Here

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